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Bellini the Killer Queen
Zelda (called name) is out of my Litter B and she has a very promising future with my breeding program. 
She has a wonderful performance temperament like her father. She loves to learn new skills and being engaged. She is a crazy retriever and could fetch for hours. She loves water, is very active and has high food drive and could tug forever. She nicely built with a long neck, amazing front and shoulder angulation, great level topline, and a beautiful black, dense and curly coat.
DOB: Oct 22th, 2021 
Size: 19.5 inches/49 cm & 32 pounds/15 kg (at 11 months)
She is color tested for BbEE, she doesn't carry the white gene. 
Pedigree link
Health tests link
 (more tests to come once she turns 2 yo)

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