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Finnesse Lorenzo CGN, CA, CDX, WC, RATI, RE, HT
Enzo(called name), is the foundation of the Bellini poodles breeding program. 
Enzo has a great working mind and all his performance titles can testify. He enjoys and is up to any sports, be it obedience, rally, retriever hunting, dock diving, or barn hunt. He loves chasing his ball and carry his toys all around the house. He loves water and is trully a waterflow retriever dog; he could retrieves all day as long as you are willing to throw him a dumbell, a ball or a duck. All that wrapped up in a handsome package - outstanding structure,  strong underjaw, solid front assembly, deep chest, tight feet, high tail set and dense & harsh dark brown coat.

He is available at stud service to select registered standard poodles on a private treaty basis.

Enzo is 21 inches/52 cm at the wither and is 43. lbs/19,5 kg
He is color tested for bbEE, he doesn't carry the white, creme or red gene. 

Pedigree link 

Health Testing link


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