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Can CH Chicavallo Bellini Love of my Life

Stella (called name) is our Hungary imported girl for the Bellini poodles breeding program. She finished her Canadian Championship with multiples major' points completely owner handler in modified continental trim! She is now in preparation for her performance career in obedience & rally trials and Agility. She has a wonderful temperament; very affectionate and loves being cuddled for hours. She loves to learn new skills and being engaged for work. She is very active and has food drive and loves to tug her toys.

DOB: Feb 19th, 2021
Size: 24 inches/60 cm & 45 pounds/20 kg.

She is color tested for bbEE, she doesn't carry the white,
creme or red gene. 

Pedigree link
Health tests link  
(More tests to be added once she turns 2 yo)


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