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Can CH Evangelina Vom Paw Paw CD, RATI, RN, RI, RA (Retired)

Eva(called name)is the foundation of the Bellini poodles breeding program. 
Eva has a great temperment and is a very good canditate for therapy service; she is calm, love cuddle and is very people oriented. She loves to tug her furry toys and she is a true mommy's girl and loves giving huging and being picked up like a baby. She is an excellent retriever and has an amazing tracking ability. She is our first Canadian Champion and she attained her CKC Championship at 15 months completely owner-handled. She has an outstanding square structure; short back, long arched neck, good underjaw, dark brown eyes, tight feet, gorgeous rear, high tail set, dense & harsh dark blue coat and she moves like a dream...

Eva is 21,5 inches/54 cm at the wither and is 40. lbs/18 kg
She is color tested for BbEE, she doesn't carry the white, creme or red gene. 
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Health tests link

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